Am I Ready for Plastic Surgery in DC?

As DC’s best plastic surgeons can tell you, no matter how deeply we wish to change our looks, plastic surgery is still an elective procedure. Before undergoing any operation, you should take the time to decide if you really want it, and are willing to deal with the financial obligations, the health risks (however small), and the recovery. Plastic surgery can also have a profound psychological effect on patients, and while a cosmetic procedure may not be essential to your physical health, it can greatly alter your self image, and your mental health in turn. Our Washington DC plastic surgeons recommend that patients mentally prepare for seeing a new body or face in the mirror daily. Here are some questions to ask yourself before having an elective surgery:

What is my goal? The general answer to this question may seem obvious: to look better, but you need to get more specific with your answer. What would you do if you had the face or body you desired? Would you wear clothes you’ve always admired but were afraid to wear before? Would it help you seeking a potential mate? Would it help in a profession where you are judged on your looks? And if your goal is overall confidence, understand that self-confidence is rooted in many things and, that even with the best plastic surgeons in DC, a new nose or set of breasts will not magically change who you are inside. This brings us to another important question:

Am I realistic about expectations? Ask yourself, and your DC cosmetic surgeon, if you can realistically get the looks you desire. Your face and body are unique to you, it may not be possible or safe for you to dramatically change from your innate features to those of your favorite celebrity. Also, it is important to be aware of the side effects and risks of surgery. While we strive for minimal invasiveness in all procedures, it is important to take time to heal, and not become too active too shortly after surgery, be it a small procedure like Voluma in Washington DC, or liposuction in DC. When consulting with your Washington DC plastic surgeon, the more you explain your expectations, the better your surgeon can prepare you for the outcome. This will also be the time when you answer the following question:

Do I have a specific idea of what I want? The more you can pinpoint the features with which you are unhappy, the better you and your surgeon can meet your physical goals. Saying “ I don’t like my nose” is not as helpful as “There is a lump on the bridge of my nose that makes me uncomfortable. I’d like it to be less prominent.” From there, your surgeon can examine the feature and let you know how much he or she can safely alter it.

Whatever questions you ask, you need not rush, and you can never ask too many questions. Ultimately, it is in our Washington DC plastic surgeons’ interest to ensure that you are sure of your results. You should never feel rushed to decide. We want healthy, happy clients who are as confident in their decisions as we are in our work. If you are considering plastic surgery in the DC metro area, contact our Washington DC plastic surgeons and schedule an appointment today.


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