Liposuction In Washington DC

liposuction washington dc

When choosing liposuction in Washington DC,  how do you know you are working with one of the liposuction surgeons in DC? There are many factors to consider. How do you know if this procedure, or the physician performing it, is right for you? Our Washington DC plastic surgeons are happy to discuss these questions with you, and put your mind at ease. Some important questions that affect your surgical choices are:

  • Your starting point- There are many kinds of liposuction, and the type of procedure you agree on may depend greatly on your current body type. Have you worked hard to drop weight, and are looking to lose those last few inches? Or are you hoping for a more extensive procedure to redefine your shape? Where you start is a huge determinant in where you finish.
  • Your goals- Your current shape will greatly affect your goals. Again, are you looking to lose the last bit of bulge or for a more extensive procedure? Do you wish to transfer fat from one part of the body to another? Some Washington, DC liposuction patients do not wish to lose weight at all, but are interested in transferring fat from other body parts to their faces in order to reduce sagging and give themselves a fuller, more youthful image. The most qualified liposuction surgeons in DC will cater to your unique goals and give you the quality treatment that fits your unique desires.
  • The region for the surgery– The lower abdomen is a popular region for liposuction in Washington DC, as are the buttocks, thighs and arms, among others. The time the procedure takes, the cost, and your recovery afterwards will all be contingent upon the pinpointed area. A knowledgeable Washington DC plastic surgeon can help you choose your desired look, and customize your treatment plan accordingly.
  • Cost– Typically, cosmetic procedures, including liposuction, are not covered by insurance, and cost may deter some patients from achieving the figures they desire. Top plastic surgeons in DC are rarely inexpensive, but can certainly work with you to find a treatment, and payment plan for your DC liposuction.

Before you consult with a plastic surgeon about the procedure, ensure that your plastic surgeon is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Many doctors who are not properly trained in the area, claim they are qualified to perform cosmetic procedures. However, we employ only the most respected plastic surgeons in Washington DC, to ensure that your Washington DC liposuction is a low-risk procedure, and will leave you happiest with your results. Our plastic surgeons are equipped with top-of-the line tools and lasers, for a virtually bloodless and pain free excision of fat. All in all, when you enlist the services of a trusted plastic surgeon in DC, you are putting your health and image in capable hands. To find the DC liposuction treatment for you, schedule a consultation with our liposuction surgeons in DC today.


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