Breast Modification Surgery in Washington, DC

Breast Augmentation Reduction Implants Washington DC

Whether you are looking for breast augmentation, reduction, or reconstruction, trust only the most reputable plastic surgeons in Washington DC with your surgery. For many women, breasts are a seat of confidence. Having the right size and shape for your breasts can make you feel better about your body, and your overall appearance. Give your clothes a better fit, and achieve the beautiful, natural looking figure you desire. There are several surgeries women undergo to enhance the shape, feel, and appearance of their breasts.

Breast Augmentation- There are several different kinds of breast augmentation in Washington DC, which can utilize silicone, saline, or your own body fat to give the appearance of a fuller breast. If your breasts are different sizes, this can give you a more symmetrical appearance. If your breasts are simply smaller than you desire, your implants can give you the full figure you want and improve your self-confidence in the process. Breast implants may vary in size, shape and texture, and each variety poses different risks and advantages. Talk to our Washington DC plastic surgeons to learn which DC breast augmentation procedure is right for you.

Breast Lift- More commonly than implants, many patients pursue breast lifts in Washington DC, also known as mastopexy, to restore firmness. Patients may feel self conscious about their breasts, which have begun to sag due to age, pregnancy and nursing, fluctuation in weight or simple genetics. With the best plastic surgeons in Washington DC, we are happy to help you enhance the shape of your breasts with a lift. A breast lift will not round out the top of your breasts or change their apparent size. They will however, give you a physical and emotional boost.

Breast Reconstruction- If you have lost your breast’s original shape and size due to a mastectomy, a breast reconstruction in Washington DC can help you regain some of its symmetry and natural dimensions. There is no need to live with the painful reminder of an illness. Note, however, that even with the work of DC’s top plastic surgeons, some incision lines will always be visible, and your new breast will not have the same feel or sensation as the original. Talk to our surgeons and determine if a breast reconstruction in Washington DC is right for you.

Breast Reduction- Breast reduction is not only helpful for women who are self-conscious about their appearance, but also for alleviating discomfort. With minimal scarring, our Washington DC breast reduction surgery can help reduce self-consciousness along with many of the painful symptoms associated with heavy breasts. These difficulties may include skin irritation, neck and back pain, shoulder grooves from bra straps, and the ability to find clothing that fits. Patients who receive this procedure are generally among the happiest plastic surgery patients.

For more information on breast augmentation in Washington DC, breast reduction in DC, breast reconstruction in DC, or breast lifts in DC, contact our top DC plastic surgeons today, and give yourself the figure you’ve always wanted.


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